Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book Accessories! (2)

Back in February I did my first post on book accessories, but they were all things for your books. Everyone seemed to love that post so much (you can find it here) I thought I would do another. This time I want to do a post on book accessories for you!

First we have Book Jewelry. I love looking at all the cool stuff people make based on their favorite books. While a non reader will think it's just a normal piece of jewelry, an avid reader like you will be able to tell exactly what it is and might strike up conversation about it, then you might just have a new book friend.  

Morgenstern ring
This is for the fans of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series (one of my favorites!) Any fan should be able to pick this out right away as Jace's family ring. (Not writing any spoilers on here). This is a beautiful ring, I would really like to know how they make it. The details are amazing. You can buy  this ring HERE.  

Mockingjay Token Necklace, Gold
This is another piece of jewelry that any true fan will be able to spot from a mile away. This is for the Hunger Games. Yet it is also some thing you can just wear and anyone else will compliment you on whether they know it from Hunger Games or not. This is much cheaper then the ring above and you can find out more about it HERE.

White and Blue Embroidery Book Pendant
This cute Book Pendant isn't based on any certain book, it's just for book lovers everywhere. You can find it HERE. It comes in many different colors and even in earrings. 

Other then book jewelry for you, you can get some awesome book accessories for you're room!

How cute is this poster? You can hang this near your book shelves for maybe in the little kids room. I would even put this in my room. You can find it HERE. (But I think you have to be a librarian to buy this one)

Keep Calm and Read On - 11x17 Plum Poster Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale
This is a simple poster (that everyone can actually buy). It comes in a bunch of different colors so you can match whatever room you want to put it in. Check it out here. (Buy one get one free!)

Twilight Beaded Pen Set of 3

For Twilight fans you can even get some Twilight inspired pens to put on your desk. Or maybe keep them on your book case to remember who borrows what book. (I need to start doing that). Check them out HERE

Hollow Book Safe - Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

You've seen these in movies or read about them in books but have you actual ever scene a hollowed out book? I haven't and I think this is the coolest thing. It would be the perfect gift for someone who already has everything. I know I really want one. The one in the picture is Harry Potter but you get get all different books.  You can find them here

Coffee Cup Confessions Mr. Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth Set of 4 Italian Stone Coasters
Pride and Prejudice one of my all time favorite books and movies. I just love Mr. Darcy and Jane Austen's writing. This is the perfect gift for any Jane Austen fan and you can find it HERE

Last but not least you have the bookshelves. Of course there are many crazy bookshelves out there but not at practical prices so I though I would show you a fun one that is actually not to expensive. 

4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage in Maple - 99100
I really like this concept. Its doesn't hold to many but it's insanely cute. Maybe you can keep the your favorite books on here, or ones you need to read and review.  You can find it on CSN here

Most of these products (excluding 2) were found on the awesome store that is If you've never looked at the site you are really missing out. It's so cute and you can find the coolest stuff on there. 

What do you think about these bookish accessories? Leave some comments! 

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