Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Beach Reads Part 2

During the summer when you're on the beach you want to read a light easy novels, well I know I do. I wanted to do a post  with my favorite beach reads since it's almost officially summer. When I was making my list it really added up I decided to break it up into parts. This is part two (you can find part one here) and I'll do another each week on Thursdays until my list runs out. :)

Two-Way Street
This is a must read, no matter if you want to read it during the summer or winter. It would be a perfect beach read but you should just read this book. It's about Jordan and Courtney who are about to go on a road trip, after they just broke up. Jordan said that is was because of a girl he met online but there are two sides to every story. Throughout the book you switch from Courtney and Jordan and learn about them both and what really happened to their relationship. 

Peaches (Peaches, #1)

Peaches follows three girls who all happened to be on the same Georgia peach farm for the summer. They all have their own reasons for being there. Birdie is the daughter of the owner, Leeda, Birdie's cousin, who is sentenced by her mother to send the summer working on the farm. Then there's Murphy who was caught stealing and was forced to work for the summer.  These three girls have a summer filled with love, friendship, and finding out who they really are. It's a light heartfelt novel that is a perfect summer read. 

Anna and the French Kiss

This one takes place over the school year but it's the perfect romance book to take to the beach.  If you haven't read this yet, you should really bring it with you to your next vacation or beach day. It's a quick read but it's more then just romance. Plus it has a hot English guy who speaks french, how can you get any better then that?

What are some of your favorite summer reads?

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